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Great Lengths and Hair Dreams

Won't Hair extensions "Ruin" my hair? NO!  If hair extensions are put in correctly, and you are taking care of them correctly, they WILL NOT RUIN YOUR HAIR.   Any time you do anything with your hair that is not natural such as pony tail, clips, braids ect...  there will be a small amount of breakage.   Every persons hair is different, but with correct up keep and maintenance minimal hair damage will be the out come.
How much do they cost? Cost varies based on the length of hair you'd like to add, and the amount of hair we must put in.  Some people use hair extensions for thickness, others to add length, some just add a bang, or fix a not so perfect hair cut.  The price of these options all vary beginning at $150.00 and ending around 2,500.00.  A large difference depending on the exact service being performed. 
How long do they last? Great Lengths Hair Extensions can last anywhere from 4-6 months with a full head and 1-3 months when you are just adding volume. You must replace when the growth
Can I reuse the hair?  No.  Each time you must order new hair. 
Can I still color or High Light my hair?  YES
Can I Perm my hair  YES !
Can I Blow out and Style my hair with hot temperatures? YES!  Great Lengths Hair Extensions are 100 %  Human Hair.  That means what ever you do to your hair, you can do to these extensions!  
Whats the maintenance on Hair Extensions? Daily brushing and "kindness"  your hair extensions will take extra time, but a little extra love is really all they need to last longer and look AMAZING!
Whats the difference between all the different kinds?  What makes the cost vary so much?   There are a variety of different hair extensions.   Great Lengths are made from 100%  Human Hair.   The hair goes through a special process to remove color and to recolor leaving us with the most healthy best hair on the market.  Many other extensions use synthetic hair, or Remi hair which are man made hair or a combination of man made and natural.  Others are made from Horse hair.  

How long does it take to get them put in?  Plan on 4-8 hours from start to finish.  There are many variables that can effect time.  
Why would I want them?  Some people like to add length.  Others just want thickness, or are thinning on top and need coverage.  Some use them as hi lites, low lites or crazy color pops so that they don't need to damage their natural hair.  
Do you have to have a certain amount of length to get extensions?  you must have at least 3 inches of hair, and the length of hair you have does effect the length of hair you can add.


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